I have decided that I am transferring colleges. I am currently enrolled at CSU-Global which is an extension of Colorado State University, but I am in the process of switching to Western Governors University (WGU), a competency based university. So far, I really like CSU. The professors are all pretty knowledgeable, the classes are interesting and I know that I am learning versus just going through the motion.

So why would I give that up? Once I go to WGU, I would have been to three different colleges before finishing a bachelors degree. My first being a traditional brick and mortar school, Wright State University. My second being an online school, CSU-Global and my 3rd and final being WGU, an online school with even more flexibility due to being competency based.

I know a little about WGU as my wife has been at WGU for about a year now. What really appeals to me is go at your own pace feature. While CSU-Global is great, I often find that I am weeks ahead of my classmates. After I complete a course I am forced to wait for that course to end (8 week terms) before I can get my grades or start another set of courses. While this approach works, it's really similar to a brick and mortar school. As a full time husband, father and employee, I really need the flexibility that WGU will be able to offer by allowing me to work ahead and graduate at my own pace.

Another reason I am transferring is because my degree. At CSU-Global my degree is Information Technology with specializations in Computer Programming, Cloud Computing and Virtualization and Database Management and Analysis. I don't want to major in Information Technology with a "minor" in Computer Programming. I want to major in Computer Science or Software Development. The classes at WGU will be less hardware focused and more software focused which will be a great experience.

At CSU, I have taken 1 Python class, and by the time I would have finished I would have taken 5 Java classes. Meanwhile, at WGU I will be able to select between Java or C# (which is more valuable in the area I live in). While I am really happy to have learned Java, I am really looking forward to learning C# at a University. With my fundamentals polished (thank you CSU-Global) I do feel confident I will be able to get through my C# classes much quicker.

My graduation date would have been at the end of 2020 at CSU-Global, at WGU I may be able to graduate in 2019 if I can stay on top of my course work. This is really appealing for me and I really wish more schools would use the competency based learning system. Being able to finish more quickly means landing a meaningful job sooner as in most of the qualification areas for entry level developers, they want to see at least a bachelors degree. Needless to say, I cannot wait to start at WGU this winter!