My name is Travis Alan Woodward. I am originally from Ohio; my career brought me to the beautiful state of Colorado where I currently live with my daughter Pepper and wonderful wife Sandyna. Outside of coding I really enjoy spending time with my family, hosting cookouts, going camping, playing video games and riding my bike. Honestly, coding is probably my largest hobby, I believe that self growth and self education are important, so I like to do that a lot.

80753421_10157078529999302_2732064920739774464_n Here's a photo of my family, Christmas 2019.

Being a Software Engineer is not actually my first career. In-fact, I never thought about being an engineer until a good friend of mine @O_Bahareth inspired me to code. Back in 2013, we worked together on an iPhone game called Happy Balloons (which bombed horribly). I remember designing the entire game and spending most of my time in photoshop and illustrator. I would give him the art and he would make it work, it was like magic. After the iPhone game bombed, I started working in Technical/ Software Support.

As time moved on, I was promoted to Software Support Analyst, where I learned a lot of SQL and was moved to Boulder, CO. Eventually, I went back to school and by chance I had some coding classes in my program — It turned out that I really liked those classes and as soon as I finished my first Basic Programming class, I was sold. I changed majors, started a new career and as cliché as it sounds, I couldn't be happier. I can safely say that it finally feels like I found my passion.