I'm a few years late on posting this. Why? Because I started my blog a few years after the biggest move of my life. In 2011 I was a hungry college student working on a iOS game (As a Project Manger and Designer) by the name of Happy Balloons. Long story short, we launched Happy Balloons, it received a handful of sales and died a horrible lonely death. Imagine my disappointment? Skip forward two years...

In 2013 I started my career at The Greenbrier Companies as a Tier I Software Support employee. This was my first "real" industry relevant job. I made a salary I was with happy with and had stability which was a rare component in my life until I started at Greenbrier. In early 2016 we were told that the Dayton, Ohio office was being closed. I was offered a position in Boulder, Colorado to take over as the Software Support Analyst (Tier II, Support Lead) and after a talk with my family, I accepted.

Boulder was beautiful. It's the primary reason I accepted the position, I knew that my family would love living here and our friends and family would love visiting. Just being in the area changed the way my family lived. We decided to sell our car and for two years we lived with no car at all. We only used our bicycles and public transit to get around the town. It was actually a really great experience. Fast forward to 2018, we bought our first house... Just outside of Boulder.

We now live directly between Boulder and Denver which is nice. Living in the suburbs is also nice, but we definitely miss living in city. We have a car again, and a car payment... That's never fun. The area we live in is very nice and the location is great, but there's something we miss about just riding our bikes everywhere. Overall, the experience has been worth it. We love Colorado. There's something about being so close to the Flatirons that is inspiring.