The next project I am working on is something I am creating for Nintendo fans. This is by far the largest project I have tried working on and there's going to be a large learning curve. Originally, I started Amiibo.Land in Python as I really do love the Python language. I decided to convert the project to a Java project as I need to become more familiar with Java for some of my classes that I am taking at CSU-Global.

So what is Amiibo.Land? It's a collectors website, for Amiibo! Users will be able to sign up and keep track of their collection. In the future, we will possibly add additional features such as Amiibo news. The website will broken out into multiple areas and users will be able to have a profile so that they can show off their collections.

Below is a photo of the GUI. I'm using a newer framework called I have to admit, it's really a powerful tool for developers, especially those of us who may not be as talented on the front end. It really helps fill the gap between a design and development. My last project, I was able to get around learning Javascript, this time around, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to do that.

I will keep posting as I make progress, be sure to follow me on Twitter @iamtravisw.